Returned to me!


Never used the “word” squeee before, but….SQUEEE

So very excited to share with you. My art journal has made it back to me. It made a big journey and has received entries (gifts) from five women in four different countries. I love it, what a special experience and keepsake.

Margaret, I love your use of stamps and texture. All of your entries were lovely!!

Irina, I love your tropical fish, your flying photo and your ability to collage with fabric.

Katie, I love your color and your whimsy, they are very sweet entries. You would be great at illustrating a children’s book.

Victoria, as usual I love your cheery colors and your variety of medias! I’m so excited you crochet too! I just started learning.

Thank you all for sharing this experience with me!!
Art Journal Swap_Irina Spread 1 From Irina in Vrangel, Russia

Art Journal Swap_Katie Spread 1 From Katie in England

Art Journal Swap_Katie Spread 2 From Katie in England

Art Journal Swap_Margaret Spread 1 From Margaret in Poland

Art Journal Swap_Margaret Spread 2 From Margaret

Art Journal Swap_Margaret Spread 3 From Margaret

Art Journal Swap_Victoria spread 1 from Victoria in St. Petersburg, Russia

Art Journal Swap_Victoria Spread 2 From Victoria

Art Journal Swap_Victoria Spread 3 from Victoria

Art Journal Swap_Victoria Spread 4 from Victoria

Art Journal Swap_Victoria fifth spread from Victoria


I love having a pen pal!


Personal Swap for Victoria Kamalova October 2013 1 (3)

Personal Swap for Victoria Kamalova October 2013 1 (2)

Personal Swap for Victoria Kamalova October 2013 1 (1)

I love having a pen pal! Did anyone else have pen pals growing up? With internet the art and joy of a pen pal are all but lost. Lucky for me I found mine on Victoria and I swap bits of art but we also swap small tidbits of our lives and culture with each mailing we make. I look forward to it so much that even when I don’t have time for an organized swap on craftster I always make time for our personal swaps. This is a spot of joy in my life. I wonder what others’ joy spots are….

A few more pages…different techniques


Art Journal My First page page 10 and 11 August 2013A few more pages...different techniques

Art Journal My First page 8 and 9 2

Art Journal My First page 8 and 9 1

Well, one day last week I was having a very rare moment of negative emotions…rather than continue to be ugly too someone I love I decided to make these two pages.

Then you also see a spread I did inspired by a wonderful date night with my honey. It couldn’t have been better…weather was PERFECT, sat by the World’s Fair Pavilion fountain and had a delicious picnic and wine. Then we went on to enjoy a delightful evening at The Muny. West Side Story has always been a fave!

Bunny Rescue


Bunny Rescue

So…it has been said that I attract all things-human and furry-within a 100 mile radius, that are injured or lost. This weekend was no exception. I surrender…it’s who I am…I can’t change it…and wouldn’t want to.

These pages in my “me me me” journal were inspired by this weekend’s events.

PS this is the reason people should keep their dogs leashed or in their own yards…some of us really, really like the wildlife in our own yards.