Returned to me!


Never used the “word” squeee before, but….SQUEEE

So very excited to share with you. My art journal has made it back to me. It made a big journey and has received entries (gifts) from five women in four different countries. I love it, what a special experience and keepsake.

Margaret, I love your use of stamps and texture. All of your entries were lovely!!

Irina, I love your tropical fish, your flying photo and your ability to collage with fabric.

Katie, I love your color and your whimsy, they are very sweet entries. You would be great at illustrating a children’s book.

Victoria, as usual I love your cheery colors and your variety of medias! I’m so excited you crochet too! I just started learning.

Thank you all for sharing this experience with me!!
Art Journal Swap_Irina Spread 1 From Irina in Vrangel, Russia

Art Journal Swap_Katie Spread 1 From Katie in England

Art Journal Swap_Katie Spread 2 From Katie in England

Art Journal Swap_Margaret Spread 1 From Margaret in Poland

Art Journal Swap_Margaret Spread 2 From Margaret

Art Journal Swap_Margaret Spread 3 From Margaret

Art Journal Swap_Victoria spread 1 from Victoria in St. Petersburg, Russia

Art Journal Swap_Victoria Spread 2 From Victoria

Art Journal Swap_Victoria Spread 3 from Victoria

Art Journal Swap_Victoria Spread 4 from Victoria

Art Journal Swap_Victoria fifth spread from Victoria